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Cognitive Thinking


About Ghanabattlegroundpolls

We assist leaders and organizations in resolving their most critical issues.

To help clients identify and achieve what's possible, we merge the science of data analysis with the art of advice and learning.

With our assistance, you can get the facts you need to make better decisions and chart a better course for your company or community. See how we can work together to measure and interpret the data that matters most in order to reach your objectives.

Working Steps We Follow

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Globaly renowned & trusted

Nonpartisan company that provides data-driven research and insights on politics.

  • Our Methodology
  • Global Reserach
  • Corporate Surveys
  • Public Opinion Polling
  • Data Analytics

Methodology and Approach:

Our sample sizes are usually determined using the estimated voting population (18.5 million), our preferred margin of error, usually +- 1.7% and 99% confidence level.
❑Samples are then allocated to the various regions using EC 2020 votes register as a frame.
❑30% of the constituencies in each of 16 regions are then selected randomly using simulating model

Global Research

Our research services provides economic, markets and business related research for clients across the world.

Corporate Surveys

By directly contacting clients through your product, you may get faster reactions and feedback. For a more personalized experience, add first-party survey data to customer profiles. Boost your company's revenue. Flexible and powerful. The best customer service experience.

Public Opinion Polling

We provide political polling, data analysis and strategies to enable clients strategise to win elections. We conduct public polling as well as internal polling for organisations and candidates.

Data Analytics

Irrespective of the stage your data culture is in, our deep expertise in data analytics is guaranteed to help your reach your objectives. We do this by expertly converting your historical, real-time and traditional data into insights. Our solution-led methodology provides scalable and repeatable frameworks that help you increase effectiveness by making data-driven decisions.