A new opinion poll carried out by an independent pollster, Global InfoAnalytics, in the Adentan constituency between 16th – 18th September 2019, with a sample size of 384 respondents shows that majority of voters think the country is heading in the wrong direction.  Approximately 90% of voters believe Ghana is heading in the wrong direction compared to 10% who think it is heading in the right direction. This is in sharp contrast to the June polls which showed approximately 60% indicating it is heading in the wrong direction, an increase of 30% in the percentage of voters who think it is heading the wrong direction.  

President’s Job Approval Rating

The President’s approval rating has reduced sharply in September 2019 to 21% from a high rating of 42% in June 2019. His disapproval has also increased from 35% in June to 67% in September 2019, resulting in net favourability decline from +7% in June to -46% in September 2019. Approximately 23% of voters said they have no opinion in June compared to just 12% in September 2019.

Member of Parliament’s Job Approval Rating  

The approval rating for the incumbent MP Hon. Yaw Buabeng Asamoah has taken a nose dive with approximately 81% of the voters saying they disapprove of his performance as MP compared to 9% approval. 10% of voters indicated they have no opinion on his performance, resulting in net favourability rating of -72% in September 2019 compared to -35% in June 2019.

Voters choice of President

In June 2019, our survey had the President as the only named candidate with someone else as a contender. The survey in June indicated that 33.8% of voters preferred Nana Addo as president. However, in our new tracking poll for September 2019, which included John Mahama as an alternative candidate, only 15.4% of voters in the constituency will definitely/probably vote to re-elect Nana Addo as president, representing a drop of 18.4% over the period. The survey found that 52.6% of voters will definitely/probably vote to elect John Mahama as president come December 2020. Approximately 9.6% of voters plan to vote for someone other than the two leading candidates. 11.46% of voters indicated that they will not vote whilst 10.9% of voters are undecided. The percentage of undecided voters in the new poll is significantly lower than it was in June 2019 (24.1%).

Comparison between the June and September 2019 Polls

President’s Job Approval Rating

MP’s Job Approval Rating

For a comprehensive report on the poll, please contact Global InfoAnalytics Limited on 0302 437 323 / 050 017 9709 or email enquiries@ghanabattlegroundpolls.com. The next tracking poll is due December 2019.


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