A new opinion poll carried out by an independent pollster, Global InfoAnalytics, in the Ablekuma West constituency between 19th – 21st September 2019, with a sample of 384 respondents shows that, majority of voters think the country is heading in the wrong direction and are dissatisfied with the performance of the incumbent MP, Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful.  

The results from the poll conducted in the constituency shows that, approximately 87% of voters believe Ghana is heading in the wrong direction whilst only 13% think it is heading in the right direction. This contradicts with the June polls where only 60% thought the country was heading in the wrong direction, representing an increase of 27%.

President’s Job Approval Rating

The Approval rating of the President has dropped in September 2019 to 17% from 45% in June 2019, representing a drop of 28% over the period. His disapproval rating has also increased from 35% in June 2019 to 76% in September 2019, resulting in net favourability declining from +10% in June to -59% in September 2019. Approximately 20% of voters said they have no opinion about his performance in June compared to just 7% in September 2019.

Member of Parliament’s Job Approval Rating  

The incumbent MP, Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful’s approval rating has taken a worse turn with approximately 85% of the voters saying they disapprove of her performance as MP, compared to 6% approval. 9% of voters were of no opinion about her performance, resulting in a net favourability rating of -79% in September 2019 compared to -35% in June 2019.

Voter’s Choice of President

Opinion poll published in June 2019 which had only the President as the named candidate with someone else as other contenders found 36.1% of voters preferring Nana Addo as president (definitely/probably). However, in our new tracking poll for September 2019, which included John Mahama as an alternative candidate, only 16.7% of voters in the constituency will definitely/probably vote to re-elect Nana Addo as president, representing a drop of 19.4% over the period. The survey found 52.6% of voters will definitely/probably vote to elect John Mahama as president come December 2020. The poll showed a sharp decline in voters’ preference for someone else in June 2019 to a mere 0.5% in September 2019. Analysis of the data clearly suggests that John Mahama has been the beneficiary of this movement.

Support for John Mahama in the Ablekuma West constituency, which has historically voted NPP with 24.5% margin in the 2016 election, is exactly the same percentage of support he currently enjoys in the Adentan constituency where he lost by a margin of 3.6%.

Approximately 10.2% of voters plan to vote for someone other than the two leading candidates. 4.9% of voters indicated that they will not vote whilst 15.5% of voters are undecided. The percentage of undecided voters in the new poll is significantly lower than it was in June 2019 (12.8%).

Comparison between the June and September 2019 Polls

President’s Job Approval Rating

MP’s Job Approval Rating

For a comprehensive report on the poll, please contact Global InfoAnalytics Limited on  0302 437 323 / 050 017 9709 or email The next tracking poll is due December 2019.


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