New opinion poll from the Krowor constituency in Accra shows that majority of voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. The poll carried out in September found approximately 89% of the voters thinking we are heading in the wrong direction compared to 75% in June 2019. Global InfoAnalytics’ poll also found the president’s chances of winning the Krowor constituency, which he carried in the 2016 elections by a margin of 4.05%, may be in danger as his approval rating deteriorates from negative 15% in June to negative 51% in September.

The results from the second opinion poll conducted in Krowor constituency between 23rd-25th September 2019 revealed that, approximately 89% of voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction whilst only 11% thought it was heading in the right direction. Contrary to the June polls, which showed 75% of voters indicating that it was heading in the wrong direction, there is an increase of 14%.  

President’s Job Approval Rating

The President’s job approval rating has taken a worse turn as his approval rating has reduced from 30% in June 2019 to 20% in September 2019. His disapproval rating currently stands at 71.2% compared 49.0% in June 2019. This has resulted in his net approval rating dropping from -19% in June to -51% in September.  

June 201930%49%-19%
September 201920%71%-51%

Member of Parliament’s Job Approval Rating

Hon. Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, the incumbent MP for the constituency has an approval rating of 21% in the recent poll compared to 18% in June 2019, a slight improvement in those approving her performance. However, when her net approval rating is considered, her overall performance actually deteriorated from net approval of -37% to -50% in September 2019.  Although her approval rating has increased, her disapproval rating has recapitulated from 55% in June to 71% in September 2019, as fewer voters remained undecided in September 2019 compared to June 2019.

Period                  ApproveDisapproveSpread
June 201918%55%-37%
September 201921%71%-50%

Voter’s Choice of President

When voters were asked who they would vote for in the 2020 election, approximately 17.25% indicated that they will definitely/probably vote for Nana Addo in September 2019 compared with 32.2% in June 2019, a drop of 14.95% over the period. Approximately 44% of voters in the constituency indicated that they will definitely/probably vote for John Mahama. Currently 25.4% of voters in the constituency are yet to make up their mind whilst approximately 5% said they will not vote.

Comparison between the June and September 2019 Polls President’s Job Approval Rating

MP’s Job Approval Rating

This Poll was conducted using a sample calculator at 95% confidence level with a sampling error for total respondents which is ±5% to achieve an accurate sample size of 382 respondents. The sample was then allocated to all the electoral areas within the constituency based on the adult population of the areas through quota system.

For a comprehensive report on the poll, please contact Global InfoAnalytics Limited on 0302 437 323 / 050 017 9709 or email enquiries@ghanabattlegroundpolls.com. The next tracking poll is due December 2019.


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