President’s Approval Rating

A new Global InfoAnalytics poll out this week finds President Nana Addo’s approval rating hovering around 48.2% in Cape Coast South compared to a disapproval of 36.2%, resulting in a net favourability of +12%. This is the first time in our polls that the president has inched close to 50% mark since polling began across some swing constituencies in the country from May 2019 (see Figure 1).

Member of Parliament’s Job Approval Rating

The poll also found Hon Rickett Hagan, MP for Cape Coast South with approval rating of 40.9% compared to disapproval of 31.3%, resulting in a net favourability of +9.6%. Hon Hagan is the first incumbent MP to have recorded positive net approval since the start of our polling, thus brightening his chances of re-election in December 2020 (see Figure 2). In the Greater Accra region, Adentan and Ablekuma West MPs are having polling favourability of less than 10% with disapproval of 70%. Only the MP for Krowor has an approval rating of 21% in our recent polls with a disapproval rating of 71%.

Direction of the Country

Voters in the country were of the view that the country is heading in the wrong direction, as approximately 60.9% share this opinion compared to 39.1% who thought it is heading in the right direction (see Figure 3).

Party Affiliation

Our poll shows that about 48% of voters in the constituency are floating voters, 22.7% are NPP and NDC affiliates stand at 25.1%. Other political parties have 4.2% in the constituency (see Figure 4).

Priority Issues for Voters

On the issues that concern voters when they head to the polls in December 2020, healthcare was the highest in the constituency with 85.2%, followed by safety and security, 84.1%. Education is 3rd on the priority list whilst economy and corruption are the bottom two with 72.9% and 60.2% respectively (see Figure 3).

How Government has Performed in Priority Issues

The poll also found voters to be largely happy with the government performance in education (free education, school infrastructure and education standards) with well over 62.2% saying it is good or very good. On energy (cost of electricity, gas, petrol prices), 54.2% of voters in the constituency said it was good or very good, whilst on healthcare (health insurance, hospitals, medicines, ambulances), the government recorded 54.9% as good or very good. (See Figure 6).

On safety and security  issues (police visibility, robberies, kidnapping, gangs and militias), 59.4% of voters rank the government as very poor or poor and 56.2% rank the government performance on corruption (bribery, jobs/contract for friends, etc) as very poor or poor. For road and transportation matters (road, public transport, etc), it scored 54.4% poor or very poor. On the economy, voters were almost equally divided with 49.2% ranking the government performance as very poor or poor whilst 47.7% rank it as good or very good.

Voters’ Choice for President in 2020

The poll shows virtual tie between Nana Addo and John Mahama (NDC presidential candidate) with John Mahama edging Nana Addo 1.6% margin (well within the poll’s Margin of Error of ±5%).

Whilst 9.1% of voters said they will consider voting for someone else, 12.2% said they have not yet decided on who to vote for with 16.7% saying they will not vote (see Figure 7).

The poll was carried out between 26th and 29th September 2019 among adult population of the constituency with a Margin of Error of ±5%. A total of 384 people were interviewed randomly. 

For comprehensive report on the poll, please contact Global InfoAnalytics Limited on 0302 437 323/ 050 017 9709 or email  enquiries@ghanabattlegroundpolls.com or m.dankwah@globalinfoanalytics.com


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