A recent poll conducted by Global InfoAnalytics, an independent pollster reveals that voters in the Cape Coast North constituency are highly concerned about roads and transport as it ranks 95.3% among other issues that matter to them. The interviews were carried out between 26th and 29th September 2019 among a sample of 384 respondents in the Cape Coast North Constituency. Surveys were conducted using a sophisticated App which enables Global InfoAnalytics to track in real time the location of interviewers, date and time of the interview for quality control purposes.

Electoral Areas Polled

The survey was conducted in the following electoral areas of the constituency:

Survey Methodology

Sample size was selected using a sample calculator at 95% confidence level with a sampling error for total respondents of ±5%. The sample was then allocated to all the electoral areas within the constituency based on the adult population of the areas through quota system. Sample quota cannot be exceeded once the quota is reached using a sophisticated survey App which enabled live geolocation of the interviewers.

President’s Approval Rating

Fresh polls by Global InfoAnalytics in Cape Coast North constituency in the Central Region shows voters are divided on the President’s job performance so far with an approval rating of 43.5% compared to a disapproval of 42.7%, resulting in a net favourability of +0.8%. This is the lowest recorded in the region compared to +12% recorded in Cape Coast South constituency.

Member of Parliament’s Job Approval Rating

The poll also found Barbara Asher Ayisi, MP for Cape Coast North with approval rating of 21.6% compared to disapproval of 58.3%, resulting in a net favourability of -36.7% (see Figure 2). Hon Barbara Ayisi joins the list of incumbent MPs who are perceived to be vulnerable in the 2020 elections for the ruling government.

Direction of the Country

Voters in the constituency were of the view that the country is heading in the wrong direction as approximately 62.2% share this opinion compared to 37.8% who thought it is heading in the right direction.

Voters’ Party Affiliation

The poll shows that 49% of voters in the constituency are floating voters, 25.3% are NPP and the NDC support is at 19.8%, whilst other political parties have 5.9%.

Priority Issues for Voters

On the issues that concern voters when they head to the polls in December 2020, roads and transport rank highest in the constituency with 95.8%, followed by healthcare 93.8%, energy 92.7%, safety and security, education and economy are tied on 90.10% and corruption 76.3%.

How Government has performed in Priority Issues

The poll also found voters to be largely happy with the government’s performance in education (free education, school infrastructure and education standards) with well over 63.8% saying it is good or very good.
On energy (cost of electricity, gas, petrol prices), 57.6% of voters in the constituency said it was good or very good, whilst on healthcare (health,insurance, hospitals, medicines, ambulances), the government recorded 54.9% as good or very good.

On safety and security issues (police visibility, robberies, kidnapping, gangs and militias), 60.1% of voters rank the government as very poor or poor and 65.1% rank the government’s performance on corruption (bribery, jobs/contract for friends, etc) as very poor or poor whilst road and transportation (road, public transport, etc), it scored 76.1% poor or very poor. On the economy, voters ranked government 54.9% as very poor or poor.

Voters’ choice for president in 2020

The poll again shows virtual tie between Nana Addo and John Mahama in the Central Region, confirming Global InfoAnalytics’ belief that the region will play a crucial role in the 2020 elections. The poll shows John Mahama with a slim lead over Nana Addo again by 1.0%, well within the poll’s margin of error of ±5% again.

Approximately 10.7% of voters said they will consider voting for a different candidate whilst 19.0% indicated that they remain undecided at this stage of the race. About 16.4% indicated that they would not vote at all come December 2020.

For a comprehensive report on the poll, please contact Global InfoAnalytics Limited on 0302 437 323/ 050 017 9709 or email:


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