A man casts his vote at a polling station during presidential elections in Accra December 7, 2012. Ghana extended voting in its presidential election into a second day, officials said on Friday, after a rash of technical problems prevented thousands of people in the West African state from casting their ballots on time. The decision was broadly accepted by political parties and voters, who hoped the poll would entrench Ghana's reputation as a bulwark of democracy and progress in a region better known for civil wars, coups and corruption. REUTERS/Stringer (GHANA - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS) - RTR3BBZF

A new opinion poll carried out by an independent pollster, Global InfoAnalytics, in the Takoradi constituency between 29th – 31st December 2019, with a sample size of 382 respondents shows that majority of voters think the country is heading in the wrong direction and are dissatisfied with the performance of the incumbent MP, Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko -Mensah.

Highlights of the opinion poll

The results from the poll conducted from 29th – 31st December 2019 in the Takoradi constituency show that majority of voters in the constituency are of the view that the country is heading in the wrong direction as approximately 58% share this opinion compared to 42% who thought it is heading in the right direction.

President’s Approval Rating

The President enjoys an approval rating of 47% compared to a disapproval of 35%, resulting in a net favourability of +12%. Approximately 18% of voters said they have no opinion about his performance.

Member of Parliament’s Job Approval Rating

On the contrary, the MP for Takoradi constituency, Hon Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah has an approval rating of 37% compared to a disapproval of 42% whilst 21% of respondents are of no opinion, resulting in a net favourability of -5%.

This adds the MP to the list of incumbent MPs who are perceived to be vulnerable in the 2020 elections for the ruling government.

Voters’ choice for president in 2020

The poll also shows that only 39.8% of voters in the constituency will definitely/probably vote to re-elect Nana Addo as president as compared to 2016 where 70% of voters chose Nana Addo. This represent a drop of 40% of the support base of Nana Addo in the constituency. The survey also found that 19.9% of voters will definitely/probably vote to elect John Mahama as president come December 2020.

Approximately 7.1% of voters said they will definitely/probably vote for someone else whilst 14.1% indicated that they remain undecided at this stage of the race. About 19.1% indicated that they would not vote at all come December 2020.

The survey also found that whilst 81.4% of NDC supporters back the former president John Mahama for the 2020 elections, only 73% of NPP supporters back Nana Addo. In the case of undecided voters, only 1.7% of NDC supporters are undecided compared to 6.9% for the NPP. 23.1% of floating voters in the constituency are undecided whilst 37.5% voters who support other parties other than the main parties said they are undecided.

In a more remarkable revelation from the survey, only 58% of voters who voted for Nana Addo in 2016 elections indicated that they will vote for him again compared to 82.3% for John Mahama. 14.1% voters who voted for Nana Addo in 2016 have indicated that they will vote for John Mahama whilst only 3% of voters who voted for John Mahama intend to vote for Nana Addo in 2020 elections. This means that John Mahama has gain 11.1% on the 2016 election from Nana Addo – a net defection of 11.1% to JM.

As the NPP approaches its primaries and the parties call for some MPs to be protected, the survey results in many constituencies show that the imposition of candidates may backfire as voters remain sceptical about re-electing some of the incumbents. As the poll in Takoradi shows, only 38.2% of voters intend to vote for the current MP and Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah. 37.2% of voters do not intend to vote for him whilst 24.6% are undecided.

For a comprehensive report on the poll, please contact Global InfoAnalytics Limited on 0302 437 323 or email enquiries@ghanabattlegroundpolls.com.


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