The first national tracking poll conducted by Global InfoAnalytics, an independent pollster, for the December 2020 elections shows that the December 2020 presidential race is statistically dead heat as no candidate attracts more than 50% of support from voters. The incumbent, President Nana Addo, according to the poll attracts the support of 48.8% voters whilst the leader of the main opposition and the former president, John Dramani Mahama attracts 35.7%. The poll found 10.2% of voters supporting other candidates.

On job approval, the President enjoys approval rating of 56.7% compared to 30.9% disapproval. The poll also shows that 75.1% of voters are satisfied with the government’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Highlights of the poll are presented below:



Approximately 62% of respondents interviewed were males and 38% female (see Figure 1)

Age group

The poll indicates that a significant proportion of Ghanaian voters, 70.4%, are under 40 years old.  Voters aged between 18 -29 represent 38.2% and 32.2% between 30-39 (see Figure 2)


Majority of the voters polled had at least Junior High School education (72.6%). Only 27.4% of voters did not have any form of education.


More than half of the respondents are employed with a percentage of 59.4% as compared to only 15% of respondents who are students/apprentice. Approximately 29% of the respondents are unemployed and 1.8% of Ghanaians are pensioners.

Government’s handling of Covid 19 pandemic

The poll found approximately 75.1% of voters indicating that they are very satisfied or somehow satisfied with how the government is handling the Covid 19 pandemic compared to only 21.4% who said they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with its handling of the pandemic.  

President’s job approval rating

The President enjoys a job approval rating of 56.7% as compared to a disapproval of 30.9%. Approximately 13% of voters said they have no opinion about his performance, resulting in net favorability rating of +26%.

The president’s approval rating appears to be in sharp contrast to poll numbers recorded in our polling in September 2019 where the president seems to be polling badly across all the constituencies GIA polled, except in Suame in the Ashanti region. It appears the way the president has handled the pandemic so far contributed to his high approval rating. It remains to be seen how this rating could change depending on how Ghana’s handling of the pandemic unfolds in the coming months.

Compilation of new voters’ register

Surprisingly, contrary to  wide health perception that many Ghanaians don’t support compilation of a new voters’ register, the poll found only 25.7% of voters disagree with the EC’s position whilst significant majority, 64.4%, agree with the EC, with only 10% indicating that they have no opinion.

Intention to register

91.4% of respondents indicated that they planned to register for the December 2020 election despite the threat of Covid 19 pandemic with only 9.6% said they will not register.

Reasons for not registering to vote

Although majority of respondents were enthusiastic to partake in the voter’s registration exercise (91.4%), the few that do not intend to register, (9.6%)  gave several reasons for not registering with 35.8% saying it is due to fear of contracting Covid 19.  Approximately 29.5 of voters who do not intend to register attributed it to the fact that they do not intend to vote, so there is no need for them to register.  18.0% indicated that they do not possess the documents required and can’t be bothered to find guarantors as required by the law.  

Key issues that matter to voters

According to the poll, the Economy is the top priority for voters for the December polls as 28.2% of them saying it is their number one priority when it comes to deciding who to vote for, followed by education with 24% and jobs with 22.80%.  

First time voters.

The poll found that approximately 21.5% of voters are first-time voters.

Voter enthusiasm

Approximately 60% of voters indicated that they are absolutely certain to vote come December 2020. 18.9% said they are likely to vote and a further 10.4% indicated that their chances of voting is 50-50. 3.5% of respondents indicated that they are not too likely to vote and a further 7.3% said they will not vote at all come December 2020.

Voters choice of president

On the question of who voters prefer to be elected as president, the incumbent, President Nana Akuffo Addo (NPP) enjoys the support of 48.8% of voters whilst the closest competitor, the former president John Mahama (NDC) attract 35.7% support. Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum (PPP) comes distance 3rd, with 2.7% of the votes followed closely by a new entrant, Christian Kwabena Andrews (GUM) attracting 1.9% supports. 10.2% of voters prefer someone else other than candidates from the known parties.  


The poll was conducted between 29th June – 5th July 2020 in all the sixteen regions in Ghana. In all, eighty-eight electoral areas from seventy-two constituencies in Ghana were polled. Interviewers were deployed in four hundred and ninety-one polling stations.

A total of 5,290 voters were interviewed, representing 99% confidence level with a margin of error of 1.8%. For detail methodology, please see Our Methodology.  For any questions regarding this poll, please contact 020 933 1452.

For comprehensive report on this poll and any others, please request for poll data or email us via


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