Our Polling Methodology


Data for Ghana Battle ground polls is collected on the field through face to face interview with respondents. The sample size is determined through a sample size calculator based on the adult population size of a constituency to ensure that the views of the overall population in terms of age, race, gender, political party and other factors are captured. The sample size is further allocated in the electoral areas of a constituency using a quota system. Jurisdictions polled are randomly selected through a computer simulation and data is collected and submitted using sophisticated field survey App.

Questionnaires are designed and deployed for administering using Android and IOS devices. We use well tried and tested field app in market research by leading global brands that is customized for our opinion polls and other surveys. Global InfoAnalytics can manage teams from any location in the country in real time, re-assign sample, withdraw officers and reject interviews carried if not within quality control criteria. We are also able to address any technical challenges remotely.

Survey/interviews are submitted instantly via the internet or on established internet connection (online/offline), thus enabling the team to carry out polls in any part of the world with or without internet connectivity.  The field survey App used is equipped with GPS functionality, enabling the geo-location of interviewers to be tracked in real time to ensure that interviews are carried out within the assigned jurisdictions. To enhance the quality control measures in our polls, a voice recording can be activated to ensure that field officers do not complete the questionnaire themselves without speaking to voters. This technology enhances the credibility of interviews done.

Our national tracking poll which is carried out periodically tracks key issues such as president’s job approval rating, direction of the country, priority issues for voters in the upcoming election and voters voting intentions. The sample sizes used in the polls are determined by three variables, namely, the total voters’ population in the areas selected for the poll, the confidence level required and the margin of error. Global InfoAnalytics uses simulation model to determine which specific polling stations the poll should be taken from, thus eliminating human bias in the selection of polling stations and eliminating potential sample errors. These locations are selected randomly using in-house Monte Carlo simulation model.  We carefully select and train all polling/field officers to enable them to properly administer the questionnaire and manage their devices in the field. We do not recruit officers who are registered active members of any political party. We have coordinators in all the sixteen (16) regions of the country and have a pool of over one hundred and fifty (150) field officers nationwide. We have the infrastructure and resources to deploy in any region or constituency at a short notice. Typically, national, regional or constituency polls can be carried out within seven (7) days regardless of the sample size. The polls are conducted between the hours of 7am to 8pm.


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