More respondents (81.4%) perceive the country to be moving in the right direction than in the wrong direction (18.6%).

The president’s job approval is approximately 77% with only 11.3% disapproving him. This results in a positive net favorability rating of ±65.2%. 12.2% of respondents were of no opinion.

A fifth of registered voters are first-time voters, while the majority (80%) have cast their votes before.

Slightly less than half of the respondents (49.10%) are absolutely certain they will vote in the 2020 elections as compared to 7% of respondents who said they are not too likely to vote or will not vote at all.

The NPP’s manifesto interest respondents more than NDC’s as it ranks 58.1% compared to 10.6% for the NDC. A reasonable proportion of respondents (22%) indicated that they had not heard any of the manifestoes from the parties.

On the assessment of government’s performance in the last four years, 85.1% of voters indicated that the government has performed very good/good compared to only 11.6% of respondents who think otherwise.

Only 8.9% of respondents said that the appointment of Jane Nana Opoku Agyemang as the NDC running mate will influence them to vote for the NDC compared to a majority of 68.1% who indicated otherwise.

Majority of voters choose President Nana Addo as their choice of candidate for 2020 as he polls 73.2% whilst 11.6% of respondents prefer John Mahama.

Approximately 14% of voters in the Ashanti region have less/no confidence at all in the EC, whereas approximately 78% of voters are very/somehow confident in the EC to conduct a free and fair election come December 7th.

The poll shows that 81% of respondents economic and personal condition is very/fairly good ever since the government took over in 2016, whereas 12.4% of respondents said it is very/fairly bad.

Less than a fifth of respondents are considering voting “skirt and blouse” in this election.

In the Ashanti region, majority of voters (72.6%) were of no opinion, on whether the demise of the former President Rawlings will earn the NDC sympathy votes.

Education is the most important issue that matter to voters in the Ashanti region as it ranks 32.2%, followed by economy at 23.5%, jobs at 18.2% and the rest. Corruption ranks as the least of the voters’ concern in that region. However, this poll was taken before the resignation of Mr. Martin Amidu, hence its impact cannot be accounted for.

President Nana Addo polls 83.3% as majority of voters trust him to manage the economy compared to only 13% for John Mahama.

For education, Nana Addo polls high at 87.1% as more respondents trust him to manage education than John Mahama who polls at 10.9%.

The poll shows Nana Addo polling high in the various sectors of the country and handling of job situation is no exception as he polls 83% compared to only 14.5% for John Mahama.

Among the critical sectors, infrastructure seem to be the only sector that the President polls slightly lower at 74.5% and it is also the only sector that John Mahama (the opposition) polls slightly higher at 23%.

Approximately 51% of voters affiliate with NPP whilst only 8.6% of respondents affiliate with the NDC. There are more floating voters in the region as 32.7% of respondents indicated.


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