Slightly higher than half (51.7%) of respondents believe the country is heading in the right direction whilst 48.3% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

The President’s approval rating stands at 59.1% compared to 27.8% of respondents who disapprove his performance resulting in a net favorability rating of ±31.8 %. 13.1% of respondents were of no opinion.

Slightly higher than a quarter of respondents are first time voters.

Majority of the respondents (81.6%) are absolutely certain or very likely they will vote in the 2020 elections as compared to a small minority (9.9%) who said they are not too likely to vote or will not vote at all.

The poll shows that 33% of respondents are interested in the NPP manifesto compared to approximately 24% for the NDC. Both the NPP and the NDC manifesto did not interest a significant proportion of respondents as they polled approximately 17%.

On the question of the government’s performance over the last four years, 69.5% of respondents believe the government has performed very good or fairly good compared to 24% who believe it performed very bad or bad. Approximately 6.4% of voters had no opinion on the government’s performance.

Although Nana Addo has a 13.3% lead over John Mahama when it comes to voters choice of candidate, none of the top two candidates polled up to 50% when voters were asked who they intend to vote for if the 2020 election was held today.

A significant proportion of registered voters (60%) in the Western region said the appointment of Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang as the female running candidate will not influence them at all to vote for the NDC compared to 21% who said her appointment will influence them.

The poll further reveals that 81.6% of respondents said they were confident in the EC to organize a free and fair election come December 7th compared to only 14.6% of respondents who had no confidence at all in the EC. Approximately 4% of respondents had no opinion.

Approximately 61% of respondents said their living conditions within four years (2016-2020) is very good/fairly good compared to approximately 30% of respondents who said it was very bad/fairly bad.

One-fifth of respondents, 20%, are considering voting skirt and blouse in this election.

10.5% of voters have the perception that the demise of the former president will give the NDC sympathy votes whereas 67.1% think otherwise.

The poll shows saw jobs, education and economy topping the list of key determinants voters will consider before casting their ballots on December 7. Interestingly, corruption is the third from the bottom with 4.5%. We cannot be certain if the resignation of the special prosecutor’s saga could have influenced the responses since the survey had already commenced before this event.

Nana Addo is most trusted by voters to manage education as he polls approximately 57% compared to 33.1% for John Mahama.

Nana Addo is better trusted to manage the economy as he polls 53.4% compared to 35% for John Mahama.

Voters trust Nana Addo to better manage job situation than John Mahama as he polls approximately 55% compared to John Mahama’s poll of approximately 34%.

Nana Addo polls 51.1% as voters believe he is in a better position to manage infrastructure compared to John Mahama who polls approximately 39%.Christian Andrews Kwabena polls 8.3% of respondents trust to manage infrastructure.

Very significant in all our polls we have ever conducted, western region recorded the highest number of floating voters at 45.3% whilst NPP and NDC polls at 27.1% and 19.9% respectively.

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