Northern regions poll

More respondents (55.40%) perceive the country to be going in the right direction than in the wrong direction with a gap of only 10%.

The president enjoys a net favourability rating of +13.90% as the election approaches in two weeks.

A quarter of registered voters are first-time voters.

Most of the respondents (65%) are absolutely certain they will vote in the 2020 elections as compared to a small minority (6.70%) who said they are not too likely to vote or will not vote at all. One in 10 registered voters are not sure they will or will not vote.

More respondents like the NPP manifesto than the NDC’s. Approximately 21% of respondents have not heard any manifesto.

Plurality of the respondents, 61.40%, think the government’s performance in the last four years is good whereas 31.80% think it has been bad.

A majority (43.10%) which is less than half of the respondents say the selection of a female running mate will definitely influence how they vote, whilst 26.50% say it would not influence them at all. Approximately 30% say it may or may not influence them.  

John Mahama has a marginal advantage (2.70%) of being voted for as president over Nana Addo in the coming elections, but his points are not above 50 percent. 3.30% voters are undecided, so may affect the margin. 

Over three-quarters of voters (78.40%) are confident in the electoral commission to organise free and fair elections this December. 11.80% of voters are less confident or not confident at all.

A quarter of those interviewed feel their economic and personal living conditions since the government took over in 2016 has become very bad. Approximately 61% feel very good or fairly good about their conditions now. Very few respondents (9.50%) feel nothing has changed.

Just over a quarter of voters (27.20%) are considering voting ‘Skirt and blouse’ in this election.

Approximately 44% of voters have the perception that the demise of the former president will give the NDC sympathy votes whereas 30% thinks otherwise.

Education tops all the issues respondents are likely to consider before deciding who to vote for with 34.90%, followed by economy, then jobs and the rest. Interestingly, corruption is the last but not the least with 2.40%. Since the survey had already commenced before the resignation of the special prosecutor’s saga, we cannot be certain if this could have influenced the responses.

More voters (50.20%) prefer John Mahama to better handle education than Nana Addo (46.90%). The margin in this instance is only 3.30%.

Voters split between Nana Addo and John Mahama on who they trust to better manage the economy. The other candidates are least trusted with significantly low points – some with 0%. 

Half of voters (50.50%) trust Nana Addo to better handle the job situation whiles less than half (45.60%) trust John Mahama which is a gap of approximately 5%. The others are significantly least trusted.

A wider margin of 19.30% is evident as more respondents trust John Mahama to better provide infrastructure than Nana Addo. 

NDC voters (36.70%) are more than NPP voters (33.90%). These figures may not be actual, as approximately 13% of voters did not disclose their party affiliation and there are approximately 12% floating voters. Party affiliation for other parties are significantly low – below 1.2%.

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