48.2% of respondents believe the country is heading in the right direction compared to  a majority of 51.8% who  believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

The President enjoys an approval rating of 49.6% whilst 38.1% of respondents disapprove his  performance and 12.3% of respondents were of no opinon.

Less than a fifth of respondents are firstime voters.

Majority of the respondents (83.3%) are absolutely certain or very likely they will vote in the 2020 elections as compared to a small minority (9.1%) who said they are not too likely to vote or will not vote at all. Approximately 8% of voters have a 50-50 probability of voting come December 7th 2020.

More respondents like the NPP manifesto to the NDC’s as the NPP Manifesto leads by 2.8%.

Approximately 60% of respondents believe the governments has performed very good or fairly good compared to 36 % who believe it performed very bad or bad. 4.4% of voters had no opinion on the government’s performance in the last four years.

38.2% of respondents said the appointment of Jane Nana Opoku Agyemang as the female running candidate, will not influence them at all to vote for the NDC whilst 33.6% said her appointment will influence them.

Nana Addo enjoys 2.6% lead over John Mahama when voters were asked who they will vote for if 2020 elections were held today.

74.3% of the respondents said they were very confident/somehow confident in the EC to organize a free and fair election come December 7th compared to only 18.2% of respondents who had less/no confidence at all in the EC to organize free and fair elections. 7.5% of respondents had no opinion.

The poll revealed that  61.2% of respondents said their living conditions within four years (2016-2020) is very good/fairly good whereas 34.4% of respondents said it was very bad/fairly bad.

A quarter of respondents 25.2% are considering voting skirt and blouse in this election.

Approximately 25% of voters have the perception that the demise of the former president will give the NDC sympathy votes whereas approximately 47% thinks otherwise.

Economy tops all the issues as 43.9% of respondents are likely to consider before deciding who to vote for followed by education, then jobs and the rest. Interestingly, corruption is the 5th  with 5.7%. Since the survey had already commenced before the resignation of the special prosecutor’s saga, we cannot be certain if this could have influenced the responses.

There is a close contest between John Mahama and Nana Addo as the president polls 47.2% whilst his opponent polls at 45.4%.

Nana Addo is better trusted by Voters to better manage education to John Mahama.

Again a close contest between the two main candiadates as Nana Addo gains 2.3% lead over John Mahama .

More voters affiliate with the NPP than the NDC. A significant proportion of voters did not disclose their party affiliation.


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